Cheerleading is a competitive sport that is ever-growing within the UK. It has recently been given provisional recognition as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee. A team of 10-36 athletes of similar age and ability perform a 2 ½ minute routine consisting of stunts, tumbling (gymnastics), jumps and dance coupled with show-stopping attitude! At competitions, the routine is showcased to a panel of judges who mark each element of the routine based on difficulty and execution.

Tenacity Cheer Xtreme not only train athletes to be champions ON THE FLOOR, but to carry themselves as champions OFF THE FLOOR. Tenacity Cheer Xtreme athletes are encouraged to strive towards their full potential. However, they are equally taught how to work together as a team with a common goal. It is our goal at Tenacity Cheer Xtreme to create an atmosphere for athletes to develop lasting friendships, self-confidence, a strong sense of gym pride and great memories that they will carry forever.


Tumbling is an integral part of all-star cheerleading. We recommend all our athletes supplement weekly classes with tumble sessions or private lessons. Teams are usually based on tumble ability, so it would be advantageous to work on consistent tumbles. Sign up for tumble sessions via our ‘team app’. Athletes will be required to sign up on a termly basis. Classes will cost £5 per session or £40 per block of 10.


We have many coaches offering private tumbling sessions. If you wish to book some privates please book via the team app. Privates cost £15 per half an hour session. Coaches may also offer smaller group sessions. All Payments to be made online.