Team placement will firstly be determined by age, followed by ability. Following the guidelines of cheerleading most established world-wide governing body, the USASF/IASF.The guidelines aim to “level the playing field” for competitive cheer, ensuring that all athletes compete against others within their age-group and skill level.

We offer both gymnastics and cheerleading. Below is our timetable. All our class are held at Capital City Academy Doyle Gardens Willesden NW10 3ST


Team Age Training times Coach Location
Reign Mini 1 Tuesday 7-8
Saturday 1-3
Abby CCA
Royalty Youth 1 Tuesday 7-8
Saturday 12-2
Tierney CCA
Queens Adults Saturday 1-3 Tameka CCA
Tumbling Reign
Tuesday 6-7 Abby CCA


Age group/Level Training Times Location
3-5 12:30-1 CCA
6-8 1-2 CCA
9-12 1-2 CCA
**Please note that the training schedule is subject to change. While we try our best to stick to the training schedule this is dependent on team allocation.
All athletes must wear appropriate training attire and be ready before their start time, a £2 late fee may be incurred at the door.