Cheerleading is a competitive sport that is ever-growing within the UK. It has recently been given provisional recognition as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee. A team of 10-36 athletes of similar age and ability perform a 2 ½ minute routine consisting of stunts, tumbling (gymnastics), jumps and dance coupled with show-stopping attitude!  Read more >>


Alongside our cheerleading teams, we also run a recreational gymnastics club which our athletes and non-members are able to develop their skills. We aim to create a fun learning environment in which our gymnasts can work through their basic skills to form a stable foundation to progress on to more advanced skills whilst having an enjoyable experience. Read more >>


We offer both gymnastics and cheerleading. Below is our timetable. All our class are held at Capital City Academy Doyle Gardens Willesden NW10 3ST. **Please note that the training schedule is subject to change. While we try our best to stick to the training schedule this is dependent on team allocation.

All athletes must wear appropriate training attire and be ready before their start time, a £2 late fee may be incurred at the door. Read more>>

My daughter is 6years old and before joining TCX had taken part in many sporting activities such as gymnastics and dance but none that she really enjoyed and wanted to continue in. I was weary at first about her joining as it is a team activity which meant if she decided to pull out it would let the rest of the team down. Since joining TCX I have seen her blossom and bloom into a more confident and happy child who is dressed ready for cheer (water bottle included) waiting for me to return from work and eager to get her out the door for class. The reason being is because this has been a fantastic place for her to develop skills, build lasting friendships with her team mates and coaches as well as feel valued.

Parent testimony for Taiga-Lily

“Since my daughter had been at TCX she has built a good bond with her cheer team and the coaches. She has become more confident,having a understand of each other ability and always welling to help each other’s. she never wanna miss a class as she thinks she going to let the team down.She is every passionate within the team. It has been a challenge for her as she has never done anything like this before but the coaches are always there for an helping hand and giving there support”