Tameka Mitchell
Charae Allen
– Director 
“We have a history within this sport dates back to the year 2000. We both have rich roots within this beautiful sport and extensive qualifications within child development, we would like to share the values that cheerleading has taught us throughout the years and instil them into the youth of today.”
Abby Tenacity Coach
I am a BGA qualified General Gymnastics coach with 11 + years experience. I have coached/ trained gymnasts in various setting such as clubs and schools across Brent and Barnet. I have also trained gymnasts towards their pins, grades and other competitions.
Jaydine Tenacity Coach
Hey I’m Coach Jaydine. I’ve been a cheerleader for 8 years and a gymnastics coach for a year. My favourite part about cheerleading is the dance section as it allows athletes to be sassy and express themselves.
Tierney Tenacity Coach
I was a competitive cheerleader for about 7 years, and I really enjoy teaching our athletes some of the skills I acquired during my time as a cheerleader. I am now a qualified Gymnastics coach and I have been coaching Gymnastics for 3+ years in and around Brent and Westminster.

“Tenacity Cheer Extreme have coaches with many years of experiences. All staff are extremely passionate about cheerleading/gymnastics and personal development.  At Tenacity Cheer Extreme health and safety comes first,  all coaches are full trained and qualified.”

Kaliah Tenacity Coach
I have been cheering for 6 /7 years and I am in love with the sport. Cheerleading allows me to express myself through skills and the varied aspects in a routine . I aspire to be a coach that expects more from my athletes. I never want to place ceilings on the athletes! I am inspired to provide a safe space for them to flourish and grow in confidence
AndenaSocial media and events coordinator
My role within Tenacity Cheer Xtreme is to plan and organise themed events that occur throughout the year. As well as this I plan social outings for all teams, making sure the activities chosen are appropriate and most importantly enjoyable for the athletes.